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About WebCure

Webcure is a web design company based locally here in the UK, we specialise in website technology design and development.

Having years of experience in building bespoke websites, and search engine optimisation.

Our staff are both friendly and hands on in all the work we do they enjoy meeting and discussing clients requirements then implementing all the ideas to make a website that is professional and one that works well.

At webcure we strive to provide a world class solution and quality service. We are prepared to work around the clock to provide the best end products for our valued clients on time and on budget.

All our staff are hand picked for what they can bring to the table with their own individual talents and pride themselves on being self motivated and determined to create a wonderful experience for the client, by helping to build our clients future they are also helping to build their own.

Who's on board?

We have Joseph our PHP developer who concentrates on developing scripts, implementing coding for websites and applications which rely on input from the user to create, modify and delete information stored in the database. PHP is the backbone of most applications and websites.

We have Sara who is our visual graphics designer concentrating on user interface styles and design assets.

We have Guillermo who is a front end developer specialising in user interface development and creates excellent user experiences using HTML, CSS and javascript.

We have Henry our award winning photographer who is ready to take all necessary pictures for your website.

We have Peter who is our sales executive and client relationship manager.

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Contact us to discuss your needs: call us on 0117 37 900 54